Meet 4 Poker Instructions

If you’re looking for general instructions on playing poker, try this site.

Tips for Meet 4 Poker
  • Wait until you’ve joined the meeting and the Meet page has loaded (until you see your image) before clicking on the extension.
  • Go full screen for the best experience.
  • If the table doesn’t seem to load, try refreshing once.
  • Blinds double every 16 hands.
  • Only one game per Google Meet, for now. Create another event for another game!
  • Best if everyone has headsets to avoid sound rebound.
Coming Soon
  • Ability to change starting chips and blinds adjustment rate.
  • Ability to select “fold automatically”.
  • No need to “check down” when another player has gone all in.
  • Auto-fold timer.
  • Chips pushed out to winner visuals.
  • Ability to start a new game.
  • Much more!